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B O T T L E  S E R V I C E

Welcome to Pacifico's Vinyl Lounge Bottle Service!​

Vinyl Bottle Service Lounge provides an oasis of privacy and posh surroundings which compliments the throbbing
dance floor, only a few feet away. The best place in the club to watch the all out excitement of the dancefloor, the lounge gives you a place to relax while still being part of the action.

Within the privacy of swanky booths, you will be pampered by your personal waiter. and a velvet rope from the rest of the club. Vinyl offers the Pacifico Bottle Service VIP experience. Enjoy!


Your purchase of one Bottle Service Package includes:

​V.Room Bottle Service Policy

• Your choice of one of the brands listed
under the Premium or Platinum packages 
• Your choice of 2 mixes, garnishes
• Personal server
• Entrance into the V.Room for a group
of 4 to 40 people
• A private booth inside the V.Room
• Cover Charge

• Bottles will not be left on tables
unattended and will be handled only by
Pacifico staff
• Bottle Service must be purchased with
a credit card
• 750ml of the brand selected will be
reserved with each bottle service
purchased, however, the customer will be
charged on a per ounce basis


• There is a minimum purchase of two
bottle service packages to reserve
sections 1-2, 3-4, 8-9 and 10
• Pacifico follows all Smart Serve
• A 15% minimum gratuity will be added
to your purchase

Premium - $100* / Fridays & Saturdays

​Premium Brands Offered

Pinnacle Vodka
Smirnoff Raspberry
Smirnoff Vanilla
Smirnoff Green Apple

Cruzan Aged White                            Cruzan 9 Spiced Rum


Hornitos Reposado

Whiskey & Scotch
Canadian Club                          
Famous Grouse

​Bottle service includes two
of the following mixes:

• Pepsi
• Diet Pepsi
• 7up
• Ginger Ale
• Club Soda
• Orange Juice
• Pineapple Juice
• Cranberry Juice
• Lime Juice
• Tonic Water

Bottled water (4/order) $10
Red Bull (4/order) $20

*plus tax

Platinum - Various Prices

​Premium Brands Offered

Grey Goose ($200)

Cruzan Single Barrel ($200)

Tanqueray Ten ($200)

Patron Silver ($250)


Whiskey & Scotch

Jack Daniels ($200)

Courvoisier ($200)